Wells Lamont company have poorly redesigned the once-greatly designed "Hob Nob" gardening gloves.

For some reason this company is allowing for their once greatly designed products to be redesigned without any quality control inspections BEFORE they approve it then try passing it off to us customers and hoping we won't notice the difference. But I notice a difference soon as I saw them and put them on my hands.

The problem with their newly designed Hob Nob gardening glove is the thumb section of the glove has been sown too closely to the center of the glove so then when you open your hand the Palm section of the glove rises and wrinkles and your thumb is restricted from opening all the way when trying to hold on to something and just doesn't feel right when grabbing or holding onto something.

But, the previous designed and manufactured Hob Nob gardening glove did not have those negative issues. They fit and acted like regular gloves without any restrictions when using them. But now they are the worse gloves I have ever worn while working in the garden using tools and digging up dirt while wearing them.

I have been using that style and properly designed glove for the last 20 years and am very disappointed and angry to have to spend all the additional time and effort finding another manufacturer with the same good quality characteristics which the original glove design offered. The porous cloth allows them to breathe while you use them so your hands don't sweat and the cloths is extremely durable for hundreds of hours of garden work. Also, these type of gloves cost only about six or seven dollars whereas the other gardening gloves cost three or four dollars more in your hands will begin to sweat while using them because they are poorly ventilated and extra heavy duty which you really don't need a pair of extra heavy duty gloves when working in the garden. These gloves are light weight and the design should never have been changed!

I'm sure the reason for the redesign was to save money and make more profits. But this once greatly designed glove had been used by millions of customers for decades in this country alone. So why did they change and ruin the original design?!

The purpose of this complaint post is to bringing this issue to the attention of Wells Lamont company staff and engineers so that they may strongly consider bringing back the original better designed gardening glove we all used to enjoy using until someone at the company decided to ruin their product. This complaint post will also let other consumers be aware of the poorly redesigned gardening glove so that those consumers don't waste their time and money as I had done ASSUMING one of the greatest well-designed Hob Nob gardening glove was still the same, which it is NOT now!

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